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Citizenship Test One
  1. A noble way to contribute to Canada
  2. Who can apply for a Canadian passport?
  3. One of the following is a key phrase in Canada’s original constitutional document in 1867
  4. When was the British North American Act Created?
  5. Poets and songwriters have hailed Canada as
  6. When was the term First Nations first used?
  7. Where dose the name 'Canada' come from?
  8. What are the three oceans bordering Canada?
  9. When did ideas for Old Age Security start?
  10. When were Aboriginal people allowed to vote?
  11. What is the definition of an electoral district?
  12. What animal is on the five-cent coin?
  13. Who are the three members of NAFTA
  14. What RCMP stands for?
  15. The three branches of government -
  16. What is the key fact about Canada's system of government?
  17. Which province is the largest producer of oil and gas?
  18. Who was Canada's greatest soldier in the First World War?
  19. Unity in Diversity means People who live in Canada can have different cultural traditions, and the country can still be united
  20. Quiet Revolution was an era of rapid change in Quebec when many of them tried to separate from Canada.
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